Season Ticket Update

Covid-19 has proved to be one of the biggest challenges in the lifetime of not only Ayr United Football Club, but in most of our supporters lives post World War II. Economically and emotionally it has done damage in almost every part of the globe. It has brought out the best in people as well as the worst. Ayr United have attempted to do the right thing by our supporters and Scottish Football in general during this crisis. Everyone in football has a connection from the supporters to the players, management, backroom staff, administration, all other employees  and the Board etc.


Football couldn’t happen in its current form without all of those pieces which is why we have tried to do right by all of them. We managed to top up wages and salaries where we could with help from the furlough scheme.  We also extended the contracts of players when we were unsure of who would stay and when we would return. We did that because we felt it was the right thing to do and it would also help cement our reputation among those that play for us as well as those that have played with us previously that we are a club with integrity.  A club that will do anything in their power to support anyone associated with them. We have proved that over the past 15 years and I’m proud of the reputation we have among all former players currently playing in our leagues.  I’m convinced it is why we are having the success that we have had with our younger players over the past few years and why I think we will continue to have that success.


We also try to take care of our supporters. We don’t have money for all the upgrades that we would like to do to the ground and we recognize that there are areas that need attention.  However, we have been systematically improving various areas of Somerset every year for over 10 years and we will continue to do so. We will also continue to try and make the whole match day experience a positive and give all supporters value for their money.


Because our season ticket holders were shorted 4 games, we felt it appropriate to offer refunds for those games not played.  Amazingly, less than 20 supporters took us up on the offer and the money that was saved helped us to pay for a lot of the items previously mentioned. Without that display of support from our season ticket holders, the club would be in a lot more serious situation than we are currently.  That gesture from our season ticket holders allowed Mark Kerr to sign the players he has so far and we look forward to more exciting signing news in the next few weeks. So, I would like to thank all of our supporters for their efforts through this trying time with all of the initiatives and sales in the shop etc, but especially to our season ticket supporters.  You are the backbone of this club and your efforts will not be forgotten.


That being said, it is now time for the new season and season ticket income is a huge part of our planning.  With a reduction in season ticket prices and less home games, it is going to be even tougher than normal. We have already had a number of fans contact us and offer to pay the usual season ticket prices and for that reason we will have a Donation button on the front page of our website. We cannot express our gratitude enough to all our season ticket holders, never has your input been more crucial. And to those who are able to give that wee bit extra, never will it have made more of a difference.


I don’t know what the future holds for our leagues or for Ayr United specifically, but as an optimist, I can only say that whatever happens, we will get through it and with the support from our fans and anyone associated with the club we will come out on top.


Season Ticket Prices 2020/21

Adult (21 & over) – £230

Concession (Over 65, Student, 18-21yrs) – £140

Child (Under 18) – £45

Panda Pal (Under 12) – £15

Match Ticket Prices 2020/21

Adult – £20

Concession – £14

Under 18s – £7

Full details of how to purchase will be published at the beginning of this coming week.

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